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What are terms?

Some teachers keep track of books added per quarter, trimester, or semester. These teachers can make use of terms to make it easier for them. However, terms are optional.

Terms can be created when you create a classroom. If you’re managing the number of books per quarter, you will create four terms. If you’re managing the number of books per trimester, create three terms. For semesters, create two terms. 

Each term has a title, a start date, and an end date. The start date and end date tell Readio what the current term is. 

For example, if today was September 25th, and Quarter 1 was between August 18th and October 31st, the current term would be Quarter 1.

Now, once your students add a book, all books will be added to Quarter 1. You will be able to see all books added to Quarter 1. Once Quarter 1 ends, all books added will be in the next quarter - Quarter 2. You will still be able to see books from both quarters through the dropdown in the top right of the students table.

Editing terms

Terms can be edited in the Settings page of a classroom.